I have over four years of experience working with scholars and professionals to improve their writing. I have worked privately as an editor and writing consultant and as a tutor affiliated with university writing centres. While in New York City, I also ran a bi-annual writer's workshop called "Don't Write like a Graduate Student," which aimed to help graduate students overcome many of the practical and psychological challenges involved in academic writing. With a strong interdisciplinary background, I have had success with writers in diverse fields, from the Humanities and Social Sciences (Philosophy, Political Science, Anthropology, History, and Economics) to Art and Design (Art History, Creative Writing, Strategic Design, Urban Planning, and Architecture). I also have considerable experience working with non-native English speakers, at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Writers I have worked with have gone on to publish in academic journals and win awards, including being recognized for best PhD Dissertations and outstanding Master’s theses. As an editor, tutor, and writing consultant, I am committed to helping scholars and professionals develop clear, concise, and engaging prose while cultivating a voice that is uniquely their own.

I work with writers at all stages of their process, and am happy to assist with issues including but not limited to:

  • Time management
  • Writing practices and techniques
  • Brainstorming and workshopping ideas 
  • Outlining and organization
  • Editing drafts for structure and content
  • Proofreading final drafts for submission
  • Oral Presentations

I offer my services at a convenient hourly rate.